Karl Landsteiner, Blood Group Inventor

The inventor of blood group is Karl Landsteiner, was born in Vienna, June 14, 1868.

He is a scientist in the field of bio-treatment. He was awarded Nobel Prize for Medicine and Fisiologi field in 1930. This is because the classification of all types of blood into four namely; A, B, AB, and O in the year 1909.

Landsteiner married with Helen Wlasto in 1916. Before marriage, he was the son of a former judge who is also famous journalist. He got in a degree of medical education at the University of Vienna.

Until the year 1891, he published the paper studies about the influence of diet on blood composition.

To go learn more about chemicals, Landsteiner continue his lesson in Zurich and also in Munich for five years. Then he was working with many scientists like Prof. A. Weichcelbaum who found the bacteria that cause meningitis. And Fraenckel who found pneumococcosis.

Until 1919, after 20 years working in the field of pathological anatomy, Landsteiner successfully published many research. Especially on the morbid anatomy and immunization. Moreover, he also found that immunization of factors which is named "hapten".

He also doing some research about paroksismal hemoglobinuria (paroxysmal haemoglobinuria). Results indicate punca poliomielitis (Poliomyelitis) may be moved to inoculate monkeys with the material supplied from the spine of children who die due to this disease.

Landsteiner actually contribute a lot in the field of pathological anatomy, histology, and immunology. He also became Professor Emeritus in 1939 on Intsitut Rockfeller. He died on 24 June 1943 after a heart attack.


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  2. Karl Landsteiner's birthday 14th June 1868

  3. World Blood Donar Day and Invesion Karl Landsteiner's birthday 14th May 1868 U.S.A

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